A wish come true, Paoli student visits with Blake Shelton on 'The Voice' set

Paoli's Colton Harkness meets his hero, Blake Shelton, on the set of NBC's The Voice. (Photo: Kids Wish Network)

ORANGE COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) — It was a huge wish come true for a Paoli child with cerebral palsy.

We told you last month about Colton Harkness and the day more than a dozen southern Indiana police officers participated in a special day for him.

They chatted with Colton, brought gifts and also word of a big surprise. His wish to meet Blake Shelton, his hero, would soon come true.

The Kids Wish Network made it happen. Colton was flown to California for the taping of The Voice.

During his trip to Hollywood, Colton was in the audience for a taping of the NBC program.

His family says Colton was nervous about meeting the judges. They got some great pictures of the big event, shared here courtesy of the Kids Wish Network.