Winter Storm Warning in effect through Sunday morning


The first major snowfall of the season has arrived in Central Indiana. Moderate to heavy snow continues through the day -- lasting through around 8 PM.

Over 40 counties are now under a Travel Advisory meaning routine travel or activities may be restricted because of hazardous conditions. It is critical to decrease your speed and leave 3x as much space between you and other vehicles if you must travel today.

Many locations have already reached the 4" mark including Monrovia to Columbus, Terre Haute to Homecroft. As of 11am, the Indianapolis Airport had officially received 3.6".

That keeps us on track to see a wet 4"-7"+ snow accumulation... thankfully it's falling on a Saturday while many don't have to travel and can settle in for the Colts game.

Temperatures remain near freezing through most of the state but areas south from Bloomington to Columbus will see a brief warm-up just above freezing, changing snow to a rain mix and limiting overall totals just a bit for the southern tier of the state. It should be noted there is some potential of a dry slot (drier air that shuts-down precipitation) for this area as well. As a result we've adjusted snow potential to 2"-5" for areas south of Bloomington-Columbus, but with the caveat that if that doesn't happen amounts easily achieve 4"-7"+.

This will be a heavy, wet snow and difficult to shovel. So please use caution and take plenty of breaks. At this time peak winds are only expected to be 10-15 mph Saturday and Sunday... so we're not expecting significant blowing and drifting.

Light snow continues early Sunday with clouds skies through the day. Temperatures will be steady at or just below freezing, meaning no thawing/melting is expected. In fact, with a fresh snow pack, temperatures will trend even colder. Air temps will fall close to the single digits Monday and Tuesday morning. - Lindsey Monroe