Winter Storm Update


Today is no doubt the quiet before the storm and there's even been some bonus peeks of sunshine too. We're advising that you get your grocery preps for Colts parties done today and this evening... with the first snowflakes not arriving until after midnight.

Though this storm drops a widespread swath of heavy, wet 4"-7"+ snow accumulation... thankfully it's falling on a Saturday while many don't have to travel and can settle in for the Colts game.

But if you must hit the roads here's what to expect: snow increases from west to east between midnight and 6am. Snow is widespread when you wake and falls heavily at times between 7 AM and 5 PM. Road conditions deteriorate rapidly during that time due to surface temperatures and snow rates.

Snow may scatter-out for some hours between 5 PM and 8 PM before another steadier period of light to moderate snow emerges Saturday night.

It should be noted there is some potential of a dry slot (drier air that shuts-down precipitation) or period of rain impacting southern counties. As a result we've adjusted snow potential to 2"-5" for areas south of Bloomington-Columbus, but with the caveat that if that doesn't happen amounts easily achieve 4"-7"+.

This will become a heavy, wet snow and difficult to shovel. So please use caution and take plenty of breaks. At this time peak winds are only expected to be 10-15 mph Saturday and Sunday... so we're not expecting significant blowing and drifting.

Sunday features some light snow but a quieter day overall but fresh snow and clearing sky sets the stage for single digit to sub-zero lows Monday and Tuesday morning - Sean Ash