Wife of former Colt turns love of baking into sweet success


From raising a family to running a business, some moms are doing it all. Heidi Dilger was a stay-at-home-mom for more than 20 years when she started her own business.

Now, she's turned her love of baking into sweet success — Heidi Ho's Baked Goods. Heidi has been baking banana bread since she was a kid, perfecting her own recipe. But, little did she know this loaf of bread would make her a momtrepreneur.

Heidi, the wife of former Indianapolis Colts tight end Ken Dilger, usually makes her weekly delivery of fresh baked banana bread to Joe's Butcher Shop in downtown Carmel on Thursdays. It's one of Joe Lazzara's hottest selling items.

"It's become an addicting thing here at Joe's and we can't seem to keep them in stock," Lazzara said. "We sell out every weekend."

It's a far cry from when Heidi first started this business just five months ago, baking a few loaves here and there to sell to people for gifts. 

"When my friends suggested I do this, I thought that would be great," Heidi said. "I'll send out an email to friends and it will just be a little hobby and I kept getting more requests and it kept on going. And I have clients who order large gift orders to give to their clients."

It's not unusual for Heidi to bake more than 100 loaves a day, many for Joe's retail spot, which wasn't easy to get into.

"Heidi came to us and said, 'Hey I've got this great banana bread,'" and I said, "'Oh, Ms. Dilger, sweets don't sell real well at the butcher shop,'" Lazzara said. "She said, 'Well try one and tell me what you think.' Of course it was excellent and we sold 60 of them on the very first weekend. So, we knew it was going to be a hit."

"I still can't believe the banana bread I've been making for however many years is being bought by so many people," Heidi said.

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