'Why me?' Grandmother describes shock of flour attack streamed live on Facebook

Victim speaks out about cruel Internet prank
Walmart Flour Attack On Camera
Arrest after Walmart flour attack
Flour Attack at Walmart Censored

BEECH GROVE, Ind. (WTHR) — A man who police say assaulted a grandmother at the Beech Grove Walmart is now under arrest.

It happened Wednesday around 2 p.m. and was shown during a Facebook Live stream.

The video, posted on a page belonging to Phillip Weaver with a comment "This was fun" shows a man sneaking up behind the woman.

Phillip Weaver (mug shot from previous arrest)
Phillip Weaver (mug shot from previous arrest)

He can then be seen pouring a bag of flour over the grandmother's head as she shrieks. The man can be seen in the video laughing as he runs from the store.

An off-duty IMPD officer working at the Walmart was alerted by staff.

In his report, the woman was crying and told him this happened while she was buying clothes for her grandchildren. The officer says he was then able to identify the suspect as Phillip Weaver.

Police arrested Phillip Weaver, 22, on charges of battery, theft, theft of a firearm and criminal mischief.

The case will now be sent to the Marion County Prosecutor's office for a final charging decision.

"I feel vulnerable," said the 68 year old grandmother from her Indianapolis home.

She didn't want us to use her name or show her face, even though you might already have seen her from behind in a now widely-viewed social media post, streamed on Wednesday.

"I"m scared. I thought I could just shrug it off, but I can't," she said.

"It's going down," Weaver says in the video. Then you see him dump something onto the woman's head and she yells out in surprise.

The video then appears to show Weaver running away, swearing, saying he's out of there.

Investigators say the attack was also captured on store surveillance video.

"It was such a shock. I mean, I'm shopping and I heard this poof type noise and then something was raining down on me and I just, it scared me to death," the woman said.

"I looked down and it was white and I didn't really know what it was and I didn't know what was going to happen next and I was scared," she added, saying employees at the Walmart helped her get her bearings.

She walks with a cane from severe arthritis.

"I am handicapped. I'm an older person and I could have had a heart attack. I could have fallen and then I would have been really hurt. Why Me?" she asked, tearing up. Why did you do it? It's not funny.

"He was video taping it as he was doing it and it was just very embarrassing. Humiliating. Frightening," she said.

A day later, the woman's still trying to recover and has a message for the man responsible.

"You have put fear in me that never existed before," she said, as if speaking to Weaver. "I don't know why you did it or what you get out of it, but I just pray that you'll think twice about someone's mother or grandmother or sister or daughter," she added.

Weaver was still in the Marion County jail Thursday evening.

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