Whitestown woman hopes to make it big on "The Voice"


WHITESTOWN, Ind. (WTHR) - Indiana has certainly experienced some success recently on the NBC show "The Voice."

In fact, the show will be holding a casting call in Indianapolis this weekend.

Christine Dant has come home from work and the piano at the far side of the living room beckons her.

"It's always been my passion," Chrisy D as she calls herself explained.

The 20-year-old who started writing songs with her mother at age four is now preparing for Sunday's audition for The Voice.

"I go into my own world. Make everything else vanish invisible around me. I feel like there are notes going around in my heart while I am singing and playing. Just lose all contact with the world," she said.

She has participated in a number of auditions over the years and every time she does it, she thinks of her mother's fight with breast cancer. A two-time survivor, she was told she could not have any more children but that is when Christina was born.

"That is why my name is Christina because she thinks Christ is the reason I was born healthy and gifted with a singing voice she found out about a couple of years later," Chrisy revealed as her mother looked on.

"This one makes me teary eyed. That is my favorite one. Because she looks like she is dreaming you know. Happy," her mother Debbie Dent said as she pointed toward a picture board full of pictures of her daughters childhood.

She is still her biggest fan and keeps busy updating miracle daughters website.

How do you define success Chrisy? "How do I define it? Success is what you make it but it depends on making your goals, get to them and reach for them. My goals are to connect with people through my music," she answered.