Whitestown police charge two in sex trafficking of 16-year-old girl

(Boone Co. Sheriff's photos)
Two Arrested in Whitestown Sex Trafficking Bust
Sex trafficking arrests

WHITESTOWN, Ind. (WTHR) - Two people are under arrest in a sex trafficking investigation in Whitestown.

The victim is a juvenile runaway.

The report of a case of sex trafficking came as a shock in this middle-class residential neighborhood of manicured lawns and stylish homes.

"Country, corn farms, horse farms," said homeowner Mike Wiley. "This is the last place you would expect something like that going on."

Whitestown police rolled in to the Walker Farms subdivision last Friday. A teenager strolling up and down the street in short shorts and high heels "didn't look right" to one homeowner. Figuring she was casing homes for burglary, he called police.

Officers determined the girl, a 16-year-old from Indianapolis who had run away from home, was driven there in a pick-up truck and paid $100 to have sex in one of the homes. According to court documents, William Muzzall, 26, collected the money.

On 18-year-old Ashani Burnett-Cisse's cell phone, police say they found nude pictures of the girl, along with messages indicating she was prostituted for sex multiple times in the past week.

Homeowner Nathan Granitz said he watched the incident unfold.

"If there was a client in this neighborhood, that's very, very concerning, knowing it was an underage girl or just a client in general," said Grantiz. "There's a lot of kids in the neighborhood."

According to court documents, police found a loaded handgun, drugs and drug paraphernalia in the truck. The records do not reveal the name or address of the alleged client.

Criminal charges against Muzzall include child sexual trafficking, unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon and drug charges.

Burnett-Cisse is charged with trafficking, child pornography, weapons and drug crimes.

Whitestown police say the investigation is ongoing.