Where is she now? The Watson's Girl

Jennifer Eichler

Julia Moffitt/ Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - There's a good chance you know her from commercials selling hot tubs, pools and tanning beds, but these days, "The Watson's Girl" is very busy off camera.

For now, Jennifer Eichler is happy to just be called mom by her two girls, four-year-old Sophia and two-year-old Lillian.

But for more than 15 years, she was simply known as "The Watson's Girl."

"I think "The Watson's Girl" came about because people didn't know what to call me; didn't know my name. They knew the company so they said, you know, that Watson's girl," Eichler said.

Jennifer was thrust into the local spotlight at just 15 years old, when she started to do commercials for her dad's company, Watson's.

"It's a good thing, I guess. I did it for 15 years because I have a lot of my life on tape, but I look back and it's like whoooo," Eichler said. "All the trends and everything I tried to do."

From the outfits to the hair to the bikinis, Jennifer says she developed thick skin early.

"Of course, we got backlash for that too, but I'm like, 'what am I selling?' I'm selling pools and spas and tanning beds. I'm not on a car lot walking around in a bikini or swimsuit, so that was hard."

She says so were the rumors, especially the one that connected her to former Pacer star Reggie Miller, who was married at the time.

"I had met him in a bar, one time. Just being that we were both somewhat in the spotlight, he said hello to me I said hello back to him, that was it," Eichler said. "I think now if someone does have a misconception about me it does bother me because people don't live my life. They don't know who I am. My friends and sorority sisters, best friend and mom and dad are really all that matters."

Jennifer, now divorced and single again, says these days, she stays focused on her children and says she's fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom.

Now as for why she's no longer in the commercials, they changed the name of the company to Family Leisure, but her dad still owns the company.

Jennifer says she's been approached by some companies to get back on the air, but right now, staying home is the perfect fit for her.

Even though she and her dad stopped doing commercials for their company, it's a close-knit family. In fact, her parents are her neighbors. You can see their house out her window.

Something else I noticed about her backyard. "Jennifer, you don't have a pool!"

"But I am getting a hot tub," Eichler laughed.