What's Cooking: Vera Mae's Bistro


MUNCIE, Ind. (WTHR) - Vera Mae’s Bistro opened in downtown Muncie 18 years ago. Its owners and the menu quickly became a local favorite but it has also drawn in some pretty famous faces over the years.

David Letterman, Carol King and Hal Holbrook have all visited, and the restaurant credits their proximity to Ball State University for helping lure some of their better-known diners.

The owners describe their cuisine as American innovative with a European twist.

“I think the ambience is the great part about it and it's got a great menu that you don't really get in Muncie,” one customer told us.

Another customer recommended the French onion soup, something for which the restaurant is well-known.

They use a lot of beef base, tons of butter onions and cooking sherry, we’re told.

And along with a soup spoon, you’ll get a utensil you might not expect: scissors. An owner said it started when he saw a customer struggling with her cheese.

“There was a lady fighting her cheese and as a joke I said 'I'm going to go over and snip her cheese.'”

Customers we met seem sold.

“All the staff here are wonderful, so friendly, the atmosphere, if you get to know the owners and the staff you come in here and you feel like you are around family, you don't feel like you are just visiting a restaurant.”

And your visit will be a treat for the eyes, as well. There is unique artwork throughout the dining room, most of it from local artists.

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