What's Cooking: Foxgardin

Jacob Burgess and Toby Shelton

A new restaurant in a small community in Hancock County is attracting quite the crowd.

Jacob Burgess and Toby Shelton opened Foxgardin in Fortville about eight months ago. 

Why Fortville, you may ask?

Jacob grew up there and after years of working in big city steak houses, he was excited to finally bring his talents home.

"I always remembered wanting a place to go that had fresh food and it was hard to find within distance in Fortville. I took a concept and an idea and came back home," he said.

His menu is also made up of a lot of familiar foods, but served the way Jacob remembers his mom did when he was growing up. 

For instance, the award-winning chili.

"When I was a kid, mom always served chili on Wednesdays. She served it with peanut butter and cheddar cheese, so I never knew there was a different way to eat chili," said Jacob. 

So that's the way you will get it at Foxgardin.

The restaurant is inside an old building right in downtown. It's got a cozy feel, with a big bar taking up half of the room when you walk in. If you are just looking for a place to chill and have a drink, there is a separate bar upstairs. It's much smaller, but very cozy.

Customers I talked to during my visit say they would put Jacob's food up against some of the best restaurants around. If you save room for dessert after all that great food, you won't want to miss the pies that Jacob's mom makes in the kitchen each morning.