What's Cooking: Cell Block 104

Bruschetta from Cell Block 104.

LEBANON, Ind. (WTHR) -No one wants to eat a meal behind bars, but a new restaurant in Boone county may change your mind.

The old Boone County Jail is now a restaurant called Cell Block 104. It opened at the end of last year, serving traditional pub-style food.

The owners kept the building as much like the old jail as possible. The same doors and awnings are still painted the same turquoise color that's been on the building for years. The cells inside, that once housed four to six inmates, are now tables for eating guests.

Even the old locking system that was designed by the same company that built Alcatraz is still in place. You'll also notice graffiti still on the walls from past inmates.

But the owner, Sean Stoller says it's been fun to hear from people in the community, who have stories or memories from the old jail.

"We've had some great stories from the sheriff and his wife who lived here from 1960-1969. Some interesting inmates who spent time here and we have cops who have come from all over who started their careers here," says Stoller.

Owners are also working on a distillery in the basement that will soon become a bigger part of the restaurant.

"We are going to try and specialize more in bringing in the distillery aspect of the food. So we are going to have bourbon steak bites, bourbon BBQ sauce. We are going to do a shrimp cocktail with a Bloody Mary reduction, a little vodka sauce. It's just fun but brings the two together," says Stoller.

On my visit, I tried the new Bourbon steak bites with a dipping sauce. And I also had delicious bruschetta that is also new to the menu. The chef says they will also soon be serving a chicken bruschetta dish.

They are right now updating the menu, and expect to roll that out completely next week. It was a fun look inside a place that hopefully few of us have to ever see in handcuffs.

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