What makes bread and milk such popular items as storms approach?

(Photo: WAVE3)

By Sharon Yoo, Reporter

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (WAVE) - While many people stayed home Friday, others braved the elements to gather the necessities.

At ValuMarket on Louisville's Outer Loop, bread shelves were bare and employees continuously stocked the milk. WAVE 3 News tried to dig into why people grab those items most when a storm is near.

ValuMarket is touting its upcoming "Mega Meat Sale" and low prices daily. Even with good deals to grab, employee Cameron Hall said the first things to fly off the shelves are milk and bread.

"I really don't understand why because you think bread goes bad really quickly and so does milk," Hall said.

This is not a scientific observation or study, but according to several articles online, there may be some psychology behind why people grab carbs and dairy.

Milk and bread spoil quickly, and one psychologist suggests that it's the mind's way of reassuring itself that the storm, too, will pass quickly.

Another theory suggests that people find comfort in routine. Buying milk and bread like any other day offers some degree of normalcy during a time when normalcy is rare.

Hall also offered up some suggestions of his own as well.

"I guess people like sandwiches and whenever they wake up some people like milk with cereal," Hall suggested. "I don't understand, I don't think anybody does. It's a thing that people do, just to do it."

Backed by science or not, sales are good at the store. Hall said the past few days have been incredibly hectic.

"We've had like orders over $200 just constantly throughout the day, especially today," Hall said.

He asked for patience from the customers, especially for employees who have to deliver the groceries in bad weather.

"It's just one of those things, if we don't have [an item], we don't have it," Hall explained. "Especially because nobody wants to deliver it when it's this slick and icy outside."

ValuMarket says they're also going to be figuring out the grocery delivery schedule for Saturday, depending on how the roads are, for the safety of their drivers.

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