Westfield couple switches to home birth amid coronavirus concerns at hospitals

Brittany and Cody Young have decided to hire a midwife to give birth at home later this month instead of giving birth at a hospital amid the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Mandy Stewart)

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WTHR) — Imagine being 34 weeks pregnant and then making the decision to scrap your plans of giving birth in a hospital. That's what happened to Westfield residents Brittany Young and her husband Cody.

Because of the medical questions surrounding the current coronavirus pandemic, Brittany and Cody decided to ditch their plans to give birth to their baby boy on April 28 at St. Vincent Hospital in Carmel.

“We switched to a home birth because of the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 — that's really what inspired the decision,” Brittany said. “We are excited for this experience!”

Even before Gov. Holcomb’s stay-at-home order was put in place last month, Brittany was researching the prospects of having a home birth. The final straw came when they found out their birth coach, or “doula,” Brandie Stoneking, would not be allowed in the delivery room with them because of new coronavirus restrictions.

“I called my doula just to get her input on it,” Brittany said. “She had a recommendation of a midwife who she had just received an email from that morning saying that she was taking on a couple new clients given the situation in our world right now. Then, we basically had to decide that next day because she was getting so many calls. There was a ton of women wanting to switch.”

Now, they have a midwife — Marisol Holman with Sol Midwifery Services — and a small team ready to help her deliver in a birthing tub in the master bedroom of their home.

“It came down to, ‘Can I be there?’” Cody said. “That was a big factor.”

“With the regulations as it stands now, I was starting to worry if he'd even be able to be there,” Brittany said. “Some women are having to choose. ‘Do I want my spouse or my doula?’ I mean, I would have picked [my husband]."

And Cody is ready to do all he can to help near the birthing tub in the delivery (bed)room.

“I’ll do whatever they let me do,” he said. “I've heard that I might get a shot to catch the baby."

Good thing Cody was a stand-out baseball star in high school in Muncie and is currently an assistant coach for the Westfield High School baseball team.

“I do have a couple mitts to choose from,” Cody said.