16-year-old dies after shooting - possibly over a pair of shoes


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (WTHR) - A teen has died following a Friday night shooting, and investigators think it was all because of shoes.

Officers found the 16-year-old victim in the 5700 block of Port Lillian Dr. around 7:15 p.m. with at least one gunshot wound. He was taken to Eskenazi Hospital in critical condition, where he later died.

"He’s like one of the highest students in his class. He always has good grades," Anna Sanchez, the victim's aunt, said.

Residents heard seven or eight gunshots, at least some of which were targeted at Sanchez's nephew. One of his buddies banged on Charles Depp's front door to tell him what happened and ask for help.

"He was trying to sell some shoes, and the guy [they were going to sell to] started shooting at him," Depp said the teens told him.

Police say the victim was playing soccer with a nephew and some friends when two young men walked out of the nearby woods, showed pistols and "words were exchanged" over that pair of tennis shoes.

"We don’t know of there was a disagreement over them, if that is what precipitated the result of one of the black males firing shots striking our Hispanic victim," said IMPD Deputy Chief Val Cunningham.

He was shot in the abdomen. His rescuers did their best to stabilize him, but he later died at the hospital.

The suspects ran back to the woods, one wearing a red bandana and the other in a gray sweatshirt.

Relatives say the 16-year-old has been looking for a job, trying to help out his single mom.

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