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Wildfire smoke blankets central Indiana sky

Remnant wildfire smoke continues to drift over the Ohio Valley and will do so for several more days.
Credit: Sean Ash - WTHR

By now you've likely noticed the "weird-looking" sunrises and sunsets that have been seen over the past several days in central Indiana and you're not alone. It's all due to what's become an expansive area of elevated wildfire smoke. The smoke originated from several fires in the Western United States and parts of southern Canada.

As the plume from the intense fires builds vertically from the origination point, it drifts downstream in whatever direction mid to upper-level wind pushes it. In this case, there's an area of high pressure anchored over the Rocky Mountains.

The clockwise flow around that feature is pushing the remnant smoke east and south. That's allowed the smoke to reach the Texas-Mexico border and the Atlantic Seaboard.  

Thankfully the smoke doesn't typically impact our air quality but we'll need to monitor the Air Quality Index closely since we're going to be dealing with this for several more days at least.

The main byproduct is a more fiery sunrise and sunset as the particulates scatter that red color closer to the horizon.