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Live Doppler 13 Weather Forecast - 9/26/19 Sunrise Update

Live Doppler 13 Weather Forecast - 9/26/19 Sunrise Update

I hope you have plans to be outside today. Our autumn season hasn’t felt much like autumn so far but this morning, temperatures are cooler, and our high will only be 3 degrees above average later this afternoon as we top out at 76 degrees.

Tomorrow, the jet stream, that river of air that separates warm and cold, will sail to the north, and a southwest flow of air will really start to heat things up.

We could see a few showers in between now and next week, especially Friday, but overall , the weather looks hot and humid from the weekend into next week. In fact, don’t be surprised to see records either tied or broken next week.

If the top temperature is 80 when the Colts make a decision on whether to open the roof for the game against the Raiders Sunday, then count on it being closed and enjoying a nice air-conditioned breeze. The long range outlook from Oct. 4-10 does call for a cooler flow of air by then.