"We could have stopped the guy": Eric Church slams NRA over Las Vegas shooting

In this Nov. 24, 2016, file photo, Country music singer Eric Church performs at halftime during an NFL football game between the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins, File)

Country music star Eric Church slammed the National Rifle Association in light of the mass shooting in Las Vegas last October.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Church - who was a headliner at the Route 91 Harvest Festival where a gunman killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more - said "we could have stopped the guy in Vegas."

Church said he supports the Second Amendment, but blamed the NRA for not taking enough action to prevent mass shootings.

"I’m a Second Amendment guy,” Church said. “That’s in the Constitution, it’s people’s right, and I don’t believe it’s negotiable. But nobody should have that many guns and that much ammunition and we don’t know about it. Nobody should have 21 AKs and 10,000 rounds of ammunition and we don’t know who they are."

He said the association has been "a bit of a roadblock," saying no one "should have that kind of power over elected officials" and citing the NRA as the cause of the gun show loophole.

Church, who had performed two nights before the Las Vegas shooting and had already left town when it happened, is already facing backlash from fans, which he said he expected. Some fans said they were boycotting his music over the comments.