'We are definitely not traditional': Vows exchanged in Skype wedding

Amanda Ohler and Adam Jefferson exchanged vows in a Skype ceremony. (Photo provided)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A lot of couples who want to tie the knot are facing tough decisions these days.

Some are delaying their weddings while others are adapting by making it a drive-thru ceremony.

But there's at least one more option: A Skype wedding.

"In these uncertain times, things are happening in new and different ways, and this is such an example," said Rev. David Jackson.

Rev. Jackson has witnessed a lot of things over his career, but this is something new.

Adam Jefferson, who grew up in Indianapolis and graduated from Lawrence North, and Amanda Ohler are in Barbstown, Kentucky. Pastor Jackson is in Carmel, Indiana.

They knew most were not going to be able to attend their wedding because of COVID-19, so the couple brought it to them via Skype.

Adam's mom had to watch from Indianapolis.

"It was going to be a wedding of 70 to 75 people and this was just a day they wanted," said Christine Jefferson,

"I think it went very, very well, said Adam. "Obviously we wish everyone could be here in person, but that isn't always possible."

"It does not have to be completely traditional. We are definitely not traditional," Amanda added.

"Technology has advanced so much and we old folks can't be afraid of it," said Rev. Jackson.

Everyone embraced staying home last Saturday because everyone stayed safe.

The main thing is, it worked.