Wayne Twp. firefighter assisting in fight against Oregon wildfires

(KGW Photo)

Crews fighting a complex of five wildfires in Oregon say it could be days before they get it under control.

The largest one burning right now in southern Oregon has grown to almost 43,000 acres, mostly northwest of Grants Pass.

Firefighters are coming in from all over the country to help, include Wayne Township Fire Captain Mike Pruitt. Pruitt said the fire is mostly burning away from buildings and people.

"Right now, one of the biggest hazards is the smoke conditions out here, so people are being exposed to smoke conditions basically 24/7, because it's not lifting at this point," he said, "and that's been an ongoing problem for this whole western area out here."

Pruitt is beginning a two-week rotation on the Oregon fire line and he does not expect the fires to be out before the end of the month.