Water main break shuts off all water at airport


Indianapolis - A water main break turned off all water at the Indianapolis International Airport Wednesday night. Operations slowly returned to normal Thursday morning.

Airport officials say the main water line leading into the terminal broke around 9:30 pm Wednesday. Water in the main terminal building was shut off around 1:00 am Thursday. By 9:00 am, the water was slowly turned back on and pressure was starting to build.

During the outage, there was no water in the main terminal including the restrooms. Portable restrooms were brought in.

There will be five on the upper level and five on the lower level just outside the terminal building. The portable restrooms are a contingency in case of further breaks in the water line.

Restrooms in the parking garage and the Ground Transportation Center were not impacted.

Most restaurants were still operating from water that remains in the line or they used bottled water.

Contractors were called in and worked through the night, but water lines had to be drained to make the repairs.

The airport had staff stationed throughout the terminal and parking areas to advise passengers of restrooms closures in the terminal and direct them to the garage during the outage.

The cause of the break is still being determined, but it appears related to welding failure.