WATCH: Utility worker unhurt after downed power line explodes in sparks, flames

A utility worker was miraculously unharmed when a live wire exploded in a New Jersey intersection Monday. (Photo: Manchester Twp. Police Department)

MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, N.J. (WTHR) - A New Jersey utility worker is lucky to be alive after fallen power lines erupted into a fire ball early Monday.

The worker was trying to free the line that was stuck on a pole for a traffic light during a storm Monday morning. As the line fell free and hit the ground, it erupted in sparks and flames, sending the worker running for his life.

The close call was captured on dashcam by Manchester Township Police Sgt. Christopher Hemhauser.

"He was standing right in the mix of it all. The wires were around him," Hemhauser said. "He was extremely lucky."

The officer checked on the worker, who said he was OK and declined medical treatment.

The blaze was so hot, it burned the asphalt roadway and part of a grass median. The utility company is reviewing Hemhauser's video to determine what went wrong.

"I've met, worked alongside these JCP&L guys on many scenes and they are very cautious, they follow the rules, something obviously was wrong here," Hemhauser said.

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