WATCH: Tumbling buckets send beer flying at Colorado brewery

Brewer Jon Strother battles a stream of IPA after a clamp was knocked loose from a vat. (Photo: Guanella Pass Brewing Company/Facebook)

GEORGETOWN, Colo. (WTHR) - An accident at a Colorado brewery made for a hilarious security video as a brewer calmly tried to capture the spilled beer.

Guanella Pass Brewing Company, located in the Rocky Mountains west of Denver, shared video of brewer Jon Strother stacking buckets next to a vat, when the tower tumbled, knocking a clamp free and sending suds shooting into Jon's side.

As hard to believe as it might be, even brewers have bad days 😳

Posted by Guanella Pass Brewing Company on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

When capping the leak wasn't working, Jon calmly stepped back and left the scene, returning with the clamp to try to stem the tide.

"As hard to believe as it might be, even brewers have bad days," the brewery posted on Facebook.

Strother got plenty of sympathy in the post's comments, though that was easier said than done for one user.

"As his wife, I tried to be sympathetic, but it was just too hilarious!!" wrote Kelli Buckley Strother.

The brewery said the bucket rack hit the clamp on the vat of Kataka Mountain IPA "in just the right way" to knock it free and open up the floodgates.

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