WATCH: Stray dog helps schoolchildren safely cross the street

A stray dog in the former Soviet republic of Georgia was a big help for kids crossing the street. (Beqa Tsinadze)

BATUMI, GEORGIA (WTHR) - A stray dog jumped into action recently to help a group of children safely across a street.

It happened Friday in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. The video has made the dog an internet star and it's easy to see why.

The pup was caught on amateur video barking at cars with its tail wagging as kindergarten children tried to cross a busy street.

The kids were in the crosswalk with an adult, but not every driver stopped. When it was safe, the self-appointed crossing guard walked the last steps with the group.

The person who recorded the scene said the stray is named "Kursha" and lives in the neighborhood.

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