WATCH: Russian priest banned after aggressive baptism

Video of an aggressive baptism resulted in a year-long ban of a Russian Orthodox priest. (Photo: Viktoria Kapitonova)
Baby's Baptism Turns Violent
Violent baptism caught on camera

GATCHINA, Russia (WTHR) - A Russian priest has been banned after video surfacd showing an excessively zealous baptism rite.

The violent baptism was caught on camera in a Russian church three days ago, shocking both Orthodox believers and non-religious people alike.

The disturbing video shows a 1-year-old boy crying while Father Foty starts to immerse him in a baptismal font. As the boy becomes agitated and uncooperative, Father Foty uses force to continue performing the ritual.

(WARNING: Video may be upsetting to some viewers)

He is also seen fending off attempts from a frantic mother, trying to take the baby away from him. The priest later said the mother was overreacting and was unfamiliar with the ritual. He said he was performing the baptism according to church rules.

A day later, the Russian Orthodox Church published an official apology on its website, followed by a statement that Father Foty had been banned from performing his duties for one year.

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