WATCH: Rare long-nosed baby monkey thriving in captivity

Proboscis monkey (APTN image)

GUANGZHOU CITY, China (APTN) - The first long-nosed monkey born in China has been growing in good health since it came into this world five months ago.

The proboscis, or long-nosed, monkey is unique to a Southeast Asian island and is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's red list of threatened species.

The monkey was introduced to China in September 2017, and the baby monkey was born on September 2 last year.

The baby monkey reportedly shows a good appetite, snuggling up to its mother at least 20 times a day in search of milk.

The monkey keeper says the baby still feeds on breast milk most of the time, but it's also learning from its mother to nibble on leaves, fruits and vegetables.

Since its muscles are developing, the baby monkey has started its climbing training with the keepers.

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