WATCH: Passengers stop subway train from hitting woman who fell on tracks


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (WTHR) — Security camera footage shows subway passengers frantically waving down a subway driver, getting the train to stop feet before hitting a woman who fell on the tracks.

It happened Tuesday at a platform in Buenos Aires, according to Euronews.

The video shows a man standing behind the woman. He suddenly faints and falls forward, knocking the woman onto the tracks. It's not clear if the woman lost consciousness or was injured and could not move.

A second later, a train can be seen in the distance coming out of the tunnel. The train had just come around a corner in the tunnel, so the driver would not have been able to see what happened.

Passengers still on the platform desperately signal to the driver. The train stops a few feet from the woman. Two bystanders are then seen jumping onto the tracks to help the woman.

Paramedics and police showed up a short time later.

The Daily Mail reports the conditions of the woman and the man who fainted remain unknown.