WATCH: No, it wasn't a UFO over Greenwood

A "crown flash" appears in the small arc to the left.
A video shot in Greenwood recently captured a bizarre phenomenon in the sky. YouTube user QuadeM13 posted the video, which has garnered over a million views from people speculating about what it might be.

NOTE: The video contains some profanity. NSFW!

We showed it to SkyTrak meteorologist Sean Ash, who did some research for us. He found this article from Slate.

The video shows a strange light appearing to dance in the sky. While it's sparked all kinds of conspiracy theories, nothing beats a little old-fashioned science for an explanation.

Slate points out that the phenomenon, known as a crown flash, is caused by ice crystals in the cirrus cloud merging with the electric field of a rising cumulus cloud. As the field changes, the crystals snap and move around - reflecting and refracting sunlight in different directions.

But if you prefer to believe in UFOs or something else, well, we can't stop you!

Watch here.