WATCH: Jimmy Fallon buys record-setting box of Girl Scout cookies

Jimmy buys the record-breaking 100,106th box of Girl Scout cookies from 15-year-old Girl Scout Katie Francis. (Courtesy: The Tonight Show)

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In her seven years as a Girl Scout, Katie Francis, 15, of Oklahoma City, has smashed all previous cookie selling records.

This year, Francis wanted to break an even bigger record.

“This year I’m also working towards the career record of 100,100 boxes since it’s the 100th anniversary of the cookie sale,” Francis told NBC News earlier this year.

After Francis reached her goal, she reached out to Jimmy Fallon to see if he would be interested in buying her final, record-breaking 101,106th box of cookies.

“Of course we said no,” Fallon said jokingly.

Fallon accepted Francis’ offer and invited her on The Tonight Show Tuesday night.

During her Tonight Show appearance, Francis told Fallon about her cookie-selling process.

The Girl Scout said that her process of selling cookies involves singing, dancing and setting up in front of grocery stores.

She even changes the lyrics of popular songs into “cookie tunes.”

Before she left, Fallon surprised Francis with a $15,000 check for the Girl Scouts.