WATCH: Indianapolis Zoo lemurs go wild for pumpkins

A ring-tailed lemur takes a break from pumpkin fun to check out a camera at the Indianapolis Zoo. (Photo: Indianapolis Zoo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Humans aren't the only ones who go wild for everything pumpkin in October.

The Indianapolis Zoo treated their lemurs to some pumpkin recently and included hidden cameras to capture all the fun. The cameras, located in the air, on the ground and even inside the pumpkins show the ring-tailed lemurs chowing down on the jack o' lanterns left for them.

The pumpkins aren't native to the lemurs' natural habitat in Madagascar, which makes October an extra treat. Zookeepers put raisins and baby food inside the pumpkins to help get the animals interested.

The ring-tailed lemurs are among 90 percent of all lemur species in Madagascar that are facing extinction.

More facts about lemurs from the Indianapolis Zoo:

  • These forest-dwellers are highly social and live in groups called troops. The Indianapolis Zoo’s troop currently consists of seven lively lemurs, including two juvenile males born this spring.
  • With wide, soft pads on their fingers and toes that provide extra grip, lemurs are excellent climbers. They can also span several feet with a single leap, helping them easily cross rocky crevices or gaps in the forest canopy.
  • Pumpkin isn’t a food lemurs would typically find in the wild and the Zoo’s troop only receives pumpkins occasionally. So Zookeepers placed raisins and baby food — two familiar favorites — in and around the jack-o’-lanterns to encourage our lemurs’ curiosity.

The zoo shared the video as a reminder of "ZooBoo," which takes place every Thursday-Sunday from 2-7 p.m. this month at the Indianapolis Zoo.

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