WATCH: Impatient driver saws off railroad crossing arm

(NTV-NNN image)

FUNABASHI, CHIBA PREFECTURE, Japan (NTV/NNN) – A man was caught on camera sawing off a railroad crossing barrier bar in Funabashi, Japan, east of Tokyo Saturday morning.

The man left the two chopped-off bars there and drove through the crossing.

The two damaged safety bars have been repaired.

The man who recorded the incident with his cellphone camera said when he saw the man sawing off the bar, he couldn't believe it.

The eye-witness said everybody who saw his act was dumbfounded.

Police said the crossing had been closed for about 30 minutes since an accident occurred at an adjacent railroad station in Narashino earlier in the morning.

The suspect seemed to become impatient because the crossing had been closed that long and resorted to cutting off the safety bars to drive through.

Police are searching for the suspect.

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