WATCH: Home security video captures mysterious creature, internet saying 'What the heck?'


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (WTHR) – The internet is trying to figure out "what the heck" was captured on a woman's home surveillance video.

Vivian Gomez shared the mysterious video on Facebook Thursday.

In the video, you can see a scrawny figure walk down Gomez's driveway and do a little dance during the night.

"So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure out...what the heck??" Gomez wrote on Facebook. "First I saw the shadow walking from my front door then I saw this thing....has anyone else seen this on their cameras?? The other two cameras didn’t pick it up for some reason."

Gomez told Inside Edition that her camera only records for 10 seconds so the video cuts off at that point.

Some people on social media are comparing the creepy creature to ET or "Dobby" from the Harry Potter series.

Gomez also told Inside Edition that the figure wouldn't be her son because she "doesn't let him out after dark by himself".

The video has been shared nearly 160,000 times.

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