WATCH: Grassy Creek fourth graders sing about their math skills!


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - These fourth graders from Grassy Creek Elementary School in Warren Township have some mad math skills, and they have a song to prove it!

Dustin Ecker is their teacher. He got the students singing and dancing to this rounding song.

Ecker says he often turns to music in his classes to help students learn a concept. "Anything they're able to memorize will help," he said - and lyrics to songs are custom-built for that!

Singing also gets them up and active - and helps burn off energy.

While the rounding song came from YouTube, Ecker says sometimes he writes his own songs for the students to learn. And sometimes, he just wants his kids to celebrate.

"We might get up and celebrate with a dance for two minutes, then have a ten-second countdown" so students can get settled in their seats again.