WATCH: 'Creeper Ghost' burglarizes Chicago home while couple sleeps on couch


CHICAGO (NBC News) - A thief known as the "Creeper Ghost" is believed to be responsible for a rash of home burglaries in Chicago.

A victim of the burglar captured chilling footage showing a man moving through a home with the owners still inside, going virtually undetected.

In the video, you can see the hooded figure lurking in the upper right corner.

The homeowner says he and his girlfriend didn't even know they had been robbed until the next morning when they realized a purse was missing.

They watched their security footage to trace their movements and saw the frightening scene.

"15 solid minutes, and he basically came in the room," said victim Jack Mackercher. "Didn't go into any other bedrooms. Tried to sneak around and look in my office, but he could see down on us. You could see him look down on us multiple times on the couch. You see him creep back out because I guess we had gotten up, we had woken up from the TV being on and running. Turned off everything and went to bed at the exact same area that he went."

Several neighbors have reported a similar intruder, trying to open several doors before breaking into homes and stealing goods.

A member of the neighborhood watch says thieves are taking advantage of a lax police presence.

Chicago Police confirmed there have been reports of burglaries in the area, but no one has been arrested.

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