WATCH: Clydesdales in Anheuser-Busch ad give message of hope during pandemic

Ashley Cole

ST. LOUIS (WCSH) — The Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales are starring in a new ad amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Anheuser-Busch posted a video of its latest ad to its social media channels.

It shows Clydesdales in different parts of the country.

“Here’s to a bright future across the country, wherever you are. Together we will run again and emerge stronger than before,” Anheuser-Busch wrote with a video of the ad on Facebook and Twitter.

Click here to watch

The ad is capturing the attention of hundreds on social media.

“Love this ad. I'm so proud to say I'm from STL where AB is based, it's always been my dream to work there,” Sarah Rolwes wrote on the post.

“Just magnificent,” Judy Sellars wrote.

“Love love this. You are awesome I love your Clydesdales and the commercials you make. They always gave great a great message,” Nancy McAllester wrote.

“Proud to be from St. Louis. Seeing these gentle giants up close is magical,” Peggy Mccreary Horton wrote.