WATCH: Clerk wrestles gun away from suspected shoplifter

Courtesy San Diego Police Dept.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (WTHR) - A California store clerk made a risky move to stop two suspected robbery suspects.

San Diego Police have just released video of the incident which happened December 13.

In the video you see the clerk try to prevent two women from leaving the store because he suspected they had stolen merchandise.

A physical altercation ensued when the two refused to show the clerk what was in their bags.

One of the suspects pulled a loaded 22 caliber revolver on the clerk.

That's when the two grappled on the floor for a few seconds before the clerk wrenched the gun away from the woman.

She then refused to leave the store until her gun was returned.

The clerk refused to give the gun back, and after a drink of water, the suspect leisurely walked from the store.

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