WATCH: Boone County Sheriff's deputies do Whip/Nae Nae with kids


Fifth graders at Perry Worth Elementary School in Lebanon got a unique treat Wednesday courtesy of the Boone County Sheriff's Office.

The department made a bet with the fifth grade DARE students. If 100 percent of the students graduated the program, the officers would "perform" at the graduation ceremony.

It just so happens that all of the students graduated and the officers complied with the bet. 

Parents appreciated the gesture.

"Our daughter was in this class, and enjoyed everything about it especially today. Huge thanks to all officers involved in the DARE program for all you do!" wrote one parent.

Another commented, "This is awesome and something they wont forget! Fun and simple reward got 30-45 5th graders to really listen and participate so when that time comes of having to make the choice of saying NO they will remember this and when the learned hopefully. Congrats to all the kids!"