WATCH: Australia man's gender reveal goes up in flames

An Australian man's gender reveal plan went up in smoke in Australia. (Queensland Police photo)

NORWELL, Queensland, Australia (WTHR) - A gender reveal in Australia went horribly wrong.

A father-to-be in Australia fitted his car with special smoking tires and took it out on a rural road in April of last year. With several onlookers waiting to see if he was going to be the father of a boy or a girl, the man spun his wheels, the burnout sending up clouds of blue smoke.

But before you could say "It's a boy!" the car erupted in flames and black smoke. The driver and a passenger got out as the flames grew.

Queensland Police released video of the spectacular backfire to the public and the embarrassing video has gone viral on social media. But police were not amused.

"I know people like to do unique things for gender reveals these days. But you know, use a little bit of common sense," said Hilton Buckley with Queensland Police.

The driver of the car was fined $1,000 and banned from driving for six months.

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