WATCH: Andrew Luck drops some knowledge in 2019 schedule reveal

Andrew Luck read the Colts 2019 schedule, adding trivia about each of their opponents' cities. (Indianapolis Colts/Twitter)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The Indianapolis Colts' schedule for the upcoming season came with a lesson from quarterback Andrew Luck.

Luck appeared in a video tweeted by the team Wednesday night, reading the 2019 slate and adding trivial facts about the hometowns of each of the Colts' opponents.

"Did you know Houston has an underground pedestrian tunnel system that runs for six miles?" Luck read.

Luck tossed the papers from which he read the schedules aside as he read, then after walking from the room, returned to clean up after himself, because of course he did.

Indianapolis opens their season on the road against the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Colts weren't the only NFL teams to have fun with their schedule release.

The Chargers used a series of stock video clips to illustrate their schedule:

The Atlanta Falcons produced a "Game of Thrones" style trailer featuring opposing stadiums:

Cleveland Browns' General Manager John Dorsey went old school, downloading the team's schedule from an AOL account (complete with dial-up modem sounds) and peeling the printed schedule from a dot matrix printer:

In the creepiest release, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and wide receiver Amari Cooper revealed the team's schedule using the hushed tones and sounds of ASMR:

The Tennessee Titans stayed true to their Nashville roots, allowing country music stars the chance to announce their opponents: