WATCH: 1 family, 3 must-see soldier surprises

Skyler Cooper came home early from a deployment to surprise his wife and newborn twin girls. (Photo: Cydney Cooper/Facebook)

TOPEKA, Kan. (WTHR) — A soldier's early return home made for a series of emotional reunions and a viral moment.

Skyler Cooper was serving with the Army and wasn't expected home until spring. His wife Cydney, in the meantime, had an emergency C-section to deliver the couple's twin daughters at a Topeka hospital.

Not expecting Skyler home for weeks, Cydney said she was actually texting her husband as he walked into her hospital room while she held one of their daughters.

The video has been shared more than 35,000 times on Facebook since Cydney posted it last Thursday.

But don't put the tissues away yet.

In addition to pictures of Skyler holding his baby girls, Cydney posted more videos, including a surprise for the couple's two sons and their dog, Lucy, who may have been happiest of all to have her soldier home.

Cydney told KSNT-TV her daughters are healthy, but still have a little longer to stay in the NICU unit. But now they know their dad will be there when they come home.

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