Warren Twp. mom taking school bus safety into her own hands

Ashley Dean helps stop traffic while children get off a Warren Township school bus.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A mother in Warren Township is taking matters into her own hands to keep her kids safe at their bus stop.

When three children were killed last month in Fulton County at a bus stop, Ashley Dean decided she was going to be proactive in keeping her two children safe getting on and off the bus.

"When that happened, that's when I made up my mind," said Dean. "It was just like something has to change."

Dean and a friend started walking out into the middle of the street on Brookville Road to prevent cars from blowing past the bus stop arm.

She hopes if drivers don't stop for a school bus, they'll stop for a person.

"I honestly feel like it is making a difference because I see the difference," said Dean.

However, school officials say they have warned her against being an independent crossing guard out of fears for her safety. But Dean told us when she first mentioned her plan to a school official, she was applauded and encouraged to follow through with it and tell others.

Dean wears a road vest each time she goes out.

"If they look at it by the numbers and by the books, I can see where they are coming from with that, but you're not actually here to see it. I am," she said.

Dean says she plans to come out each morning and afternoon, as long as her children are riding the bus.

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