Warren Central's David Bell is February's Student Athlete of the Month

Warren Central's David Bell will play college football at Purdue. (WTHR Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — David Bell is a 4-star wide receiver for Warren Central's football team and is also a key contributor for basketball as well.

He was the first grandchild for Karen Butler and the two have grown incredibly close. They've lived under the same roof since David was born, and the pair share a special bond.

"She's really like my mom. She cooks, cleans, helps me when I'm sick," David Bell told Eyewitness Sports. "I never ask my mom to cook for me, I always ask my grandma."

Growing up, Butler was the constant in David's life.

"When he started playing basketball, I'd be in the hall playing basketball," Butler said. "Then when he decided to try baseball, I'm out in the yard with him doing the baseball thing."

Butler said she knew from the start that her grandson had all-star ability.

"He seemed to be more intense," Butler recalled. "Then when I saw him on the football field, the coach would have him run. Everyone would run but David would be so far ahead of them. They couldn't even meet him halfway."

Years have passed, but nothing has changed.

David Bell is now one of the best athletes in Indiana.

In 2018, he helped lead Warren Central to state titles in football and basketball with Butler having a front row seat to his success.

"She really is at every game. I don't think she missed a game this year," Bell said. "Last year she didn't miss any. She was down in Seymour about an hour away. Even when she's sick, she tries to get out and come."

"I'm in a wheelchair now, so this is like a prize for me to get out of the house and go see him," Butler said. "I don't want you to tell me what he did, I want to see it for myself."

David had dozens of offers to play college football but when it came down to making a college selection, his grandmother played a big part in the decision.

When he committed to Purdue on national TV in January at the 2019 All-American Bowl, he noted his grandmother was a big reason he was staying close to home.

"I want her to be at all the home games and possibly some away games since she's been going since I was a little kid," Bell said.

And his grandmother plans to be there.

"He's mine and I'm his," Butler said.

Papa John’s is proud to begin a new partnership with WTHR honoring student athletes in Central Indiana via the Student Athlete of the Month program. The Student Athlete of the Month program honors well rounded central Indiana high school students who have demonstrated excellence in athletics, academics, or clubs/ co-curricular school related hobbies. Monthly winners receive a $500 scholarship funded by Papa John’s and WTHR donated to the winner’s high school in the winner’s name.