Warming back up - Live Doppler 13 Blog

Lindsey Monroe

Temperatures will recover this afternoon into the upper 60s/lower 70s under a mainly sunny sky.

These are fairly seasonal temperatures with an average daytime high this time of year of 68 (for Indianapolis).

Temperatures cool back through the 60s this evening with a clear sky.

With a combination of clear skies and a light east breeze, overnight lows will drop back into the 40s overnight.

The average overnight low temperature right now is 47 (for Indianapolis) so while it might seem rather chilly, it isn't out of the ordinary.

Tomorrow will be nearly a repeat of today with a cool start to the day warming into the mid 70s in the afternoon. Skies remain mostly sunny through the day with more clouds developing in the evening and overnight.

We'll continue with the upward trend of temperatures through Thursday and Friday with highs back near 80. A potent early-season cold front will bring a big time drop in temps heading into the weekend.

Along with the drastic drop in temperatures will be a chance of showers during the second half of the day on Friday through early Saturday morning.

Temps will run 10-15° cooler on Saturday as compared to Friday. It'll also be rather breezy this weekend behind the departing system with 30-40 mph wind gusts possible.