Warmest Air Since Halloween Arriving Wednesday


Another decent March day on tap for Central Indiana with sun filtered through high clouds and highs near/above 50°. The evening should be pleasant and with the layer of clouds there's a good chance of a very colorful sunset around 7:49 PM.

Clouds continue to increase overnight with showers arriving after midnight but before 8 AM Wednesday. Showers are likely Wednesday morning with but should depart quickly Wednesday afternoon in what will be our warmest day of the year... and warmest since Halloween.

In fact, if we hit the forecast high of 63°, it will snap the streak of 132 straight days of temperatures below 63°. That's the longest such streak in 88 years and tied for the 7th longest in 147 years.

We're still advertising an elevated chance of high non-thunderstorm wind gusts in excess of 50 mph on Thursday. In addition, strong wind shear and increasing low-level moisture put locally severe storms in play... including the low end probability of tornadoes too.

It will be a Weather Aware day and power outages/wind gust damage remain possible.

Highs near 70 Thursday quickly give way to much colder air Thursday night to set the stage for a blustery Friday. Plan on layering-up if you're coming to the St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown Indy on Friday.

Wind chills will be in the 20s. with scattered snow showers to boot.

The weekend is looking brighter... especially Sunday when highs get back into the 50s - Sean Ash