Wall buckles at Indianapolis apartment building


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Twenty-five people are without a home after a partial roof collapse at an apartment building just north of downtown.

It happened while workers were making repairs at the Chatham Manor Apartments near 11th and College Friday afternoon. Firefighters suspect the crew had too many shingles on the roof, causing it to cave in on the second floor.

No one was hurt, but it led to confusion and some scary moments for those living in the apartments, as they were forced to evacuate.

"Everything just cut off, and then we heard her screaming outside, and then we just heard a collapse of bricks, and it was just crazy from then on there," said tenant Taylor Boozer.

"I just got home from work, and I heard a banging on the door, and they told us to evacuate the building. And I asked why, and as soon as I asked why, I heard a big thump like something dropped. And so I got really scared and I ran out of the building, and, when I came out, I saw that the building was halfway leaning to the side," explained another resident Andrea Williams.

Right now, the building has been deemed uninhabitable and there's no timetable for how long it will be before people can return.

The damage to the apartment is estimated at $100,000.

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