Walgreens making EpiPen equivalent available at no cost to many


Walgreens is coming to the aid of people with serious allergies who have been stuck by the shortage of EpiPens.

The pharmacy announced a partnership with drugmaker Kaleo to stock Auvi-Q injectors, which deliver epinephrine to treat severe allergic reactions. According to CNBC, it's the first time Auvi-Q will be available at retail pharmacies.

While the list price for two Auvi-Q injectors is $4,500, Kaleo said it will be free to eligible patients with commercial insurance, even if you have a high deductible or if your insurance doesn't cover Auvi-Q.

The injectors would also be free to people without insurance with a household income of less than $100,000 through an assistance program.

"We are working with insurance providers to maximize coverage of AUVI-Q for as many patients as possible," Phil Rackliffe, general manager of Allergy and Pediatrics at Kaleo, said in a statement shared by CNBC.

Supply issues for the EpiPen began in May. A generic version of the EpiPen produced by Teva was approved by the FDA in August, but an exact release date is not yet known.

Walgreens said pharmacists will work with patients to help them obtain Auvi-Q if the injectors are appropriate for their needs.