'Wait Until 8th' movement picks up across the nation

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AUSTIN, Texas (WTHR) - A new pledge has been picking gup steam across social media and the country, and it's one many pre-teens may not love.

Parents across the nation are taking a pledge to "wait until 8th" grade to give their children smartphones.

This past March, Brooke Shannon started the Wait Until 8th pledge after her research found smartphone usage can lead to issues like cyber-bullying and sleep deprivation.

Shannon instead advocates for the use of basic phones with only calling and texting capabilities if parents are concerned about safety.

According to the movement's Facebook page, families in more than 30 states have signed the pledge.

Join 800+ families from 38 states and 300+ schools in saying yes to waiting on the smartphone until at least 8th grade...

Posted by Wait Until 8th on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Recognizing making that pledge can be difficult for both children and parents if it's done alone, the pledge a family signs only becomes active when 10 families in one grade at one school sign it.

For more information on the Wait Until 8th campaign and the research used to start it, check out the website, follow on Pinterest, or keep up with blog updates.

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