Volunteers prep for MLK day by packing food donations

Volunteers pack food donations in preparation for Martin Luther King Jr. Day events. (WTHR Photo/Karen Campbell)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – As we get ready to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, local groups are taking time this weekend to give back to others.

Volunteers were working hard Sunday afternoon filling hundreds of bags with donated food. ​

This is Derek Morris' third year hosting the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Free Food Giveaway.​​

"What we did was, we had a dream, started executing it and then found people just like us in communities, food pantries, and all these people to pull this off," Morris said.​

Morris is the CEO of "No BOBS," or no Black on Black Slayings and "No BS," or No Body Slayings. ​

His hope is to bring about change.​

"Some people don't have to go do anything bad, any violent acts, robbing or killing, or stealing since they got free food," Morris said.​

Food pantries and other organizations donated food.​​

"We have a bag full of dry goods like rice, pasta, meal and then we have a bag of canned goods with things like beans and diced tomatoes, pumpkin. Just things you can make to make meals stretch," said Shaamora Morris, a volunteer.​​

The group wants to help as many people in need as they can.​​

Last year, the group gave away 400 bags of food, which is double the amount from 2018.​​

"We had some people that cried. They were so grateful for it. A couple of people were just so hungry. They said we didn't even have any food to eat today," Morris said. ​

Reasons why volunteers were compelled to help, and chose to giveback on MLK Day.

"Martin Luther King literally gave up his life for not just black people and not just white people, but for everybody to make this country a better place."​

The Martin Luther King Jr. Free Food Giveaway takes place at 2 p.m. Monday at 29th and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street (at the old Double 8 parking lot). To donate or volunteer, contact Derek Morris at 317-903-3137.​

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