Volunteers help bring in the harvest at Johnson County vineyard

38 volunteers traded labor for some of the winery's product at Mallow Run on Thursday. (Photo: WTHR)

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) - It was a beautiful morning for picking grapes at Johnson County's only winery and vineyard.

38 volunteers showed up to harvest the Chambourcin grapes at the Mallow Run Vineyard.

The pickers provide free labor but receive a coupon good for two bottles at the winery.

"I was kind of surprised that we had quite a few volunteers," said volunteer picker Tom Bailey. "I mean, it's a beautiful morning, it's a great day. Other than getting your feet wet in the dew, it's a great day to come and talk. This is my cousin, Jill, and we enjoyed catching up."

The grapes picked Tuesday will produce a rosé and full red dry wine by next summer.

"When it comes harvest time, we put out a call for volunteers, so we have a lot of customer participation," said owner John Richardson.

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