Volunteer numbers down in search for student

Lauren Spierer has been missing since June 3.

BLOOMINGTON - Police dismissed a truck shown in surveillance video as a vehicle of interest in the case of a missing IU student Monday.

But the setback is not stopping Lauren Spierer's family and friends from searching. Monday, their legs were soaked, their feet were sopping wet and volunteer searchers were scratched, bruised and simply worn out from walking and searching in the woods.

"I know we search our butt off and we are gonna try and get more people and do it again," said volunteer Tony Sanders.

Since Spierer disappeared June 3, 6,000 people have volunteered to look for her.

"I know a lot of people came here at first, but they were expecting, possibly to come show up Saturday, civilians to come look and they had 31 people and that is disheartening," said volunteer Tracie Agnew.

Bad weather and Father's Day played into the lower numbers of volunteers this past weekend and the dynamics of the search are starting to change. The original command center at Smallwood Plaza apartments has been closed.

"We had some new signs put up, because we moved from the Smallwood area back over to McNutt," said Robert Spierer, Lauren's father.

Spierer put new posters on the windows that have directions to the new location. The daily media briefings by police have been cut back and the number of visible volunteers is shrinking.

"But the one thing that has impressed me, is simply the number of people that have done something," said search organizer John Summerlot.

Search organizers say they are still encouraged by the number of calls from people to volunteer and the work that has been done so far.

"That the amount of area that we have covered, as far as square mileage, is almost unheard of for an operation like this," said Summerlot.

Please for help on Facebook and Twitter are tough to measure. Lauren's father says millions of people have been touched in some way. He has been the constant in the search, but for how much longer?

"I can't answer that, because I'm not thinking of stopping. I will go until I stop and I'm not thinking about stopping," he said.

Volunteers are asked to bring a picture ID to the command center and wear clothing suitable for walking through wooded areas.