Voices from the Frontline: Nurse treating coronavirus patients says 'No place I'd rather be'


"Voices From The Frontline" is a series of letters from the frontline medical staff that document their experiences fighting COVID-19 in Indiana. These are first-person accounts that give you transparency into the challenges and successes taking place on the frontline of this pandemic.

We want to hear from the nurses, doctors and other medical professionals who are helping patients battle the coronavirus in central Indiana. If you are on the frontline of the battle, please send your first-person account to frontline@wthr.com. If you prefer to submit a separate tip to our investigative team, please email 13investigates@wthr.com.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Nurses have contacted WTHR to explain the conditions they are facing as they treat an increasing number of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. The message below comes from a nurse in Marion County. The nurse has requested anonymity, and WTHR is honoring those requests from frontline medical staff to allow them to more candidly share their experiences and perspectives.

The letter:

I work in the IU Health System, specifically IU West. My job is to take care of Covid-19 patients. This has been my job for weeks. Everyone is working under similar conditions that were described in the article.

The difference for me is that I trust the leaders at IU to do their absolute best to get us the equipment we need for both the patients we are taking care of and the workers that are there day after day. CDC guidelines are being followed, questions are answered on a daily basis and we are being kept informed. Part of our cafeteria has been converted to sell hard to get groceries so we have them. I don't worry about getting frozen veggies, milk, bread, butter etc. From my immediate supervisor, director, to a VP I had a conversation with in the hallway they always get to the question "Are you Ok?, What can we do for you?" The reason I have this trust is because they have ALWAYS behaved this way. A champion and advocate for our patients AND staff, never at the cost of staff.

Then there is the community surrounding the hospital. 100s showed up in our parking lot, stayed in or on their cars, honked and waved to show their support. They wrote words of encouragement on our sidewalk entrance. This is why I am proud to be a "Westie," and in a stressful and difficult time for everyone there is no place I would rather be. We are all scared, none of us has had to deal with anything like this ever.